Auto Insurance: Understanding Auto Insurance6 min read

Auto Insurance: Understanding Auto Insurance6 min read

In a situation where an individual has auto insurance, it does not guarantee you to be a reckless driver, instead, when an accident happens, all that will be required from you is to make sure that you’re alive.

While the rest of the expenses includes repairing your car or even total replacement of your car if the accident is fatal.

Coming to the medical treatment aspect, the auto insurance company that issued you will take care of all the bills that doctors will present.

So this is why an average family or individual that owns a car, should ensure that he has auto insurance.

Without much ado, I’ll take you through some other important info that you’ll need to know about auto insurance.

Let’s get started…

Auto insurance Overview

Auto Insurance – What auto insurance is all about

The video above explained the types of auto insurance and what each of them represents. Let me use a car to elucidate more on this topic.

What you should know about car insurance and what it covers for you

In some countries like the United States of America, few states mandated their citizens to have car insurance; this is to ease the financial burden upon their citizens when an accident occurs.

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Although this is very good as the country also supports some individuals that cannot meet up with the one-time fees that will be placed on them.

So in this guide, we will give you more detailed info you will need before diving into car insurance or car insurance as the case may be.

What is auto insurance – understanding car insurance

Auto insurance is simply an agreed contract between an individual and an organization and the car insurance company that accepts to take the risk that may arise in the future in terms of an auto accident, fire outbreak, climate disaster, theft, etc.

This acar insurance company accepts to pay all the bills that will arise when uncertainty happens to the individual’s car.

In as much as this, before any auto insurance company will insure you for car insurance, you must agree to pay a premium fee which will partly cover the expenses that may arise in the future when the accident or uncertainty occurs.

Below list covers what car insurance will cover for you:

One’s property: This is the property that is within the auto insurance, for example, car

Medical: This includes all the costs that will arise when treating the individual that is involved in that car accident, repairing the individual’s car, and other costs.

Liability: This covers one’s legal right to the bodily injuries that he or she may sustain in that accident.

In the United States, for instance, car insurance was made compulsory to their citizens and they are as well governed by certain laws.

Furthermore, the auto insurance pricing is not fixed; this is because every individual has different income sources as well as rates. So this is measured based on the individual’s monthly income.

This is to ensure that nobody is being cheated for having an auto insurance policy for his family.

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What is covered in auto insurance – Car insurance

Once you are insured by an auto insurance company, the car insurance policy will cover your entire family as well as you.

In as much as this, your car insurance also covers someone (probably your friend) who is driving your car (although it must be with your consent)

Moreover, this car insurance will cover your driving only. So if you have an accident in a taxi, it will not cover such uncertainties.

Also if you are using your car to render services within your locality; for example taxi, home delivery, etc. this car insurance will not cover such types of purposes.

Is auto insurance compulsory for every citizen?

This car insurance policy is never compulsory for anyone. Even in the United States of America where this auto insurance is mandatory for some states, not everyone has a car and also not everyone can afford the premium payment that is involved in car insurance.

So this type of insurance is exceptionally optional to citizens of every country.

Different types of car insurance – Auto insurance

We have already explained how car insurance works in the above sections. Here we want to take you through the types of car insurance that exist and how you can select wisely if you need to acquire one for your family.

It is quite helpful if you know what you entering into; this will help you to maximize the car insurance policy that will be given to you upon sealed agreement.

Below are the types of car insurance, how they work, and what they cover.

#1. Collision insurance – Car insurance

This will cover the damages that will affect your car when your car collided with another car in an accident. This type of car insurance will also help to fix the car that got crashed alongside yours.

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#2. Liability coverage insurance – Car insurance

This type of insurance is required most in the United States of America and it is the legal right to drive a car. This liability insurance helps to cover some damages that occur when an accident happens; it may be injuries that were sustained, properties that got damaged, etc.

#3. Comprehensive insurance – Auto insurance

Comprehensive insurance is the type of insurance that helps provide or secures some level of coverage when an accident happens.

This insurance will surely help the individual that is involved in the crash to pay for some damage to the car especially the damage that occurs as a result of a collision with an object.

#4. Medical bills insurance – Car insurance

This insurance covers the cost of bills that doctors will present for taking care of the affected individual and also for treating him. This always helps to pay medical bills even when the affected individual doesn’t have enough cash.

#5. Gap insurance – Auto insurance

This is an auto insurance type that helps individuals to pay some of their car bills. Sometimes people may obtain their car through a loan, hoping to pay gradually within some period.

If an accident occurs and that car that was gotten from a loan got damaged, this type of car insurance will help to cover the expenses for that individual.


We know that you have gotten the right info you need concerning auto insurance, how you can obtain it, and the things that it will cover for you when acquired.

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