Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi: Complete Review [Detailed]5 min read

Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi: Complete Review [Detailed]5 min read

In Corpus Christi, high-risk drivers are mandated to obtain Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi which is a legal requirement for drivers in such category.

Although SR22 is not an insurance policy but coverage that proves that a driver meets the minimum liability requirements in Corpus Christi.

The Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi is like an ad-don to your auto insurance policy; as one cannot purchase Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi unless you already possess an active insurance policy.

As a high-risk driver, you should be aware that SR22 insurance costs more than a normal auto insurance policy – and there are reasons for that.

In this guide TheYoungBossyour sure insurance plug will give you a detailed review on Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi including the cost, cheap SR22 insurance companies in Corpus Christi, etc.

Let’s get started…

What is Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi?

Corpus Christi SR22 insurance is not an insurance policy rather it’s a form that guarantees that a high-risk driver meets the state’s minimum liability coverage.

When you have been tracked as a high-risk driver, to continue driving you have to first file an SR22 insurance form.

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This form will grant you access to your revoked driving license.

Moreover, if you’re a high-risk driver probably DUI, recklessness, etc. have in mind that SR22 is quite costly.

Do I need Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi? SR22 car insurance Corpus Christi

Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi is compulsory for every driver that violates driving rules.

If you have ever found yourself in this category, you need to file Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi.

Whereas, to know if you need an SR22 insurance policy, check if you’re among the list below:

  1. DUI
  2. Driver driving without insurance policy
  3. Reckless drivers
  4. Drivers who drive with a revoked license

Moreover, if you don’t fall in this category of drivers listed above, you just need normal insurance coverage.

How long do I need Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi?

You’ll need Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi for at least 1 to 3 years depending on your violations.

In some cases, it may extend more than 3 years.

So if you’re a reckless driver, you have to caution yourself.

How to get Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi

Getting Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi is not hard. It follows the same procedure as getting SR2 insurance in other states.

To get started, you have to shop around and choose your desired auto insurance company.

After that, you need to file an SR22 form which upon approval, it will be sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Corpus Christi.

Note: if you have lots of violations in your driving record, many auto insurance companies may likely reject your form.

Meanwhile, you have to budget serious cash as SR22 insurance is quite more costly than a normal insurance policy.

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Cheap Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi – Cheapest SR22 insurance companies Corpus Christi – Cheap SR22 auto insurance Corpus Christi

Although there are auto insurance companies that offer Cheap Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi, you should know that SR22 insurance is costly by default.

The reason for this is that no insurance company wants to encounter loss by insuring a high-risk driver.

Also, certain factors will determine the cost of your SR22 insurance as a driver.

Some of these factors are location, gender, driving record, etc.

Cheapest SR22 insurance companies Corpus Christi, the average cost of obtaining minimum SR22 insurance in Corpus Christi is $800+.

State Farm tends to be the Cheapest SR22 insurance company in Corpus Christi with their quote starting from $400+.

Although some insurance companies in Corpus Christi sell their SR22 form for over $1,000.

This is why it’s good to shop around when purchasing any insurance policy.

Non-owner Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi

The non-owner Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi is from that high-risk driver that doesn’t have their vehicle.

This is to get them covered when they borrow their friend’s vehicle.

Moreover, if you’re driving a commercial vehicle, this policy will not cover you.

The cost of obtaining non-owner car insurance in Corpus Christi is about $550 annually.

Although you can find a cheaper quote from some companies like State Farm, Geico, etc.

SR22 insurance cost Corpus Christi

The cost of SR22 insurance in Corpus Christi is about $800.

Although this is an average price when compared with all the auto insurance companies that issue an SR22 insurance policy.

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SR22 insurance rates Corpus Christi

The rates of Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi are determined by your location, your age, the violations in your driving record, etc.

To have moderate, you should try to keep your driving record a bit clean as a high-risk driver.

How much does SR-22 insurance cost a month?

In Corpus Christi, SR22 costs an average of $60 to about $120.

Although this is like a prediction as different auto insurance companies have different quotes.

Also, you’ll pay about $25 to $50 for the SR22 form that will be given to you to fill out.

What company has the cheapest SR-22 insurance?

Below are some cheapest SR22 insurance companies in Corpus Christi

  1. Geico: $556 per year.
  2. AAA: $576 per year.
  3. Grange Insurance: $615 per year.
  4. Progressive: $669 per year.
  5. Mercury: $700 per year.
  6. USAA: $713 per year.
  7. Travelers: $740 per year.
  8. Wawanesa: $745 per year.

Does Corpus Christi require SR-22?

Yes! As a high-risk driver in Corpus Christi, you need to file Sr22 insurance.

This is required by your state DMV and it will be proof that you meet the state’s minimum liability insurance coverage.


We explained all you should know about Sr22 insurance Corpus Christi in this guide.

Including the cost of obtaining it, how to know if you need it, how much it cost, etc.

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