Vehicle Insurance: All you should know about Vehicle Insurance3 min read

Vehicle Insurance: All you should know about Vehicle Insurance3 min read

While you’re on this page, you should know that the Vehicle Insurance policy offers coverage that will ensure that a registered individual should not suffer financial losses when an accident happens; this accident may result in car damages or personal injuries.

This vehicle insurance is the type of insurance policy that covers the insured individual in the aspect of financial losses; these may result from road accidents or other damages which may happen in your home in your insured vehicle.

A standard vehicle insurance policy will cover damages to third-party even their properties alongside additional compensation for other losses which will affect you personally.

We will discuss intensively other things that you should know about vehicle insurance. Let’s get started…

Is vehicle Insurance Compulsory for me?

As an individual, we recommend that you get car insurance for yourself. Research shows that according to Sec 146 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1998, you should purchase vehicle insurance to avoid every uncertainty that will arise while we enjoy our private cars.

Even as this, buying a comprehensive car insurance plan will surely cover almost all the expenses that you need to cover when an accident happens; including damages to third parties and injuries that you may sustain on that occasion.

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What does this vehicle insurance policy cover?

While you’re insured with vehicle insurance, it will cover a lot of things for you; although it depends on the vehicle insurance policy that you subscribed into. Below are the things that the car insurance policy will cover for you:

  1. It will cover damages that may result from riots, theft, criminal attacks, etc.
  2. Damages that come from accidents or collisions with another vehicle or object
  3. Uncertainties as well as losses that come from natural calamities such as floods, fire outbreaks, earthquakes, etc.
  4. Third-party reckless damages to your vehicle/ motor

What will this vehicle insurance policy covers

Currently, vehicle insurances are being insured at a fixed rate. This fixed rate has common vehicle uncertainties that drivers are likely to face as they drive along.

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This policy will cover your damages; even when your car crashes, it will be replaced with its monetary equivalent in the current market.

This vehicle insurance covers every damage that the individual will face in the future as he uses his car.

Some of the major factors that will affect Vehicle Insurance

As we discussed earlier, we will detail everything you need to know about Vehicle Insurance and what it covers. So while you’re on this page, you should understand what premium car insurance policy will cover for you as a registered individual:

Geographical Location

As an individual, the area or region you reside in is one of the major factors that determines your motor insurance policy that will be insured to you.

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Using the United States of America for example, your motor insurance policy depends on your location and other laws that govern your state.

The type of cover

While working on a comprehensive or premium car insurance policy, you should be aware that it will cover both your motor and third parties who may be involved in one way or the other when the uncertainty happens.

Integrated Vehicle Safety features

As an insured motor insurance policyholder, if your car is equipped with some advanced safety features such as a GPS tracking system, airbags, anti-lock braking safety features, etc.

The insurance company that issues the car insurance policy to you will use those features to track and take care of any uncertainty that the individual may face.


Vehicle insurance is very important in our lives today to prevent expenses while using his car.

Moreover, one who is insured by a car insurance policy has hope even when natural calamities happen to him.

We recommend that you get a premium car insurance policy for your car or at least a normal car policy which will cover some expenses that will arise while enjoying your car.



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