Best Cheapest Car Insurance Companies [Updated]10 min read

Best Cheapest Car Insurance Companies [Updated]10 min read

Cheapest Car Insurance – Have you ever thought of comparing several car insurance companies to find out the cheapest car insurance companies in the United States of America?

Anyway, you can begin your cheap car insurance company’s comparison by beginning with free quotes within your region.

All the states in the U.S have this free quote for any individual that wanted to utilize it. If you reside in any region with the U.S, you should be a way that getting car insurance is compulsory in some states while it’s optional in others.

It’s quite advisable to check for insurance quotes that will save some cash for you and still offer the same services as others.

Meanwhile, TheYoungBoss will give you the best cheap car insurance companies in the United States and other things you should know about them before partnering with them.

We’ll be discussing a whole lot of cheap car insurance companies in the U.S, including State Farm, Geico, USAA, etc.

Note: To discover several discounts from all these cheap car insurance companies, you need to shop around them; this will help you with the comparison and other in-depth info you’ll need.

Learn how to save money while purchasing car insurance policy here.

What Is the Cheapest Car Insurance Company in the U.S?

USAA – the cheap car insurance company

From our research over time and from reviews from thousands of users online, we found out that the cheapest car insurance company is USAA.

Moreover, before you can access their cheap car insurance policy, you must either be military personnel or have a connection with someone in the military.

Meanwhile, the USAA is the cheapest car insurance company on our list but since they can’t be accessed by everybody in the United States, we will keep it by the side.

Our target is to discuss the cheap car insurance companies that anyone that resides in the U.S can access, regardless of their region and location.

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Because of the military rules that are attached to USAA auto insurance companies, they seem to get more ratings from its noble customers. Also, they have low annual rates as well as renewing fees for drivers that registered with them.

For drivers who intend to purchase a premium car insurance policy, USAA offers cheap car insurance for their premium subscribers.

Geico – the cheapest car insurance company

Coming down to the best cheap car insurance company for everyone, after comparing other cheap car insurance companies, we picked Geico.

Geico offers a cheap car insurance policy for drivers who has a good driving record from the past few years.

Moreover, since Geico is a general car insurance company, they are not related to a form of military connection before you can be insured.

State Farm – the cheap car insurance company

State Farm is our second top best cheap car insurance company for drivers who have a good driving record.

Although we categorize State Farm as the second cheap car insurance company, they have a low average cost in their car insurance pricing.

Meanwhile, if you have some unclean record in your driving history (maybe you have an accident on your record history), State Farm will get you covered by giving you an affordable cheap car insurance policy for your usage.

The Cheapest Car Insurance for “Good drivers” – Geico

When it comes to the cheapest car insurance for good drivers, USAA is the cheapest but not everyone can access it since it’s mainly for military personnel.

We selected Geico to be the cheapest car insurance because everybody can access it as long as you have the money and you’re interested to get your car insured.

Geico charges $1,100 in the average rate for a yearly car insurance policy. Nevertheless, Geico is listed in our top cheap car insurance companies that have a good rating, positive reviews from most of their customers.

While searching for the cheapest car insurance companies in the U.S, you should also consider that these car insurance companies are also using the insurance policy they are giving to drivers as their own business also.

Meanwhile, they insure drivers with clean driving records faster and cheaper than those drivers with speeding tickets and lots of crashes within their recorded driving history.

State Farm and Geico – The cheapest Car Insurance for “New Drivers”

From user ratings and comments, we enlisted State Farm and Geico as the cheapest car insurance companies for new drivers out there.

Their insurance terms and conditions are satisfactory for drivers who are new into driving; this means that little mistakes that new drivers usually make are covered in the car insurance that these two car insurance companies.

The insurance discount that these cheap car insurance companies grants to female drivers who intend to purchase a car insurance policy from them are less than male drivers even in the same category.

The Cheap Car Insurance for “Superior Drivers” – Geico

Because the senior drivers have mastered some rules in driving as well as how to drive safely and maintain their cars, car insurance companies usually give them a discount. The reason is that at least they are 40% sure that they hardly had an accident with their cars.

In this scenario, superior drivers are not just those who are experts in driving according to their driving history over the years. Also, drivers who are old; for instance people who are up to 60 years of age.

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Moreover, after considering Geico in this category of drivers, State Farm is another cheapest car insurance company for superior drivers out there.

The Cheapest Car Insurance Company for Speeding Ticket – State Farm

This category of car insurance policy is for drivers who do not violate any driving rules even when they are speeding.

From the list of other car insurance companies, State Farm is the cheapest in terms of pricing. Their annual pricing ranges from $1,300, while other car insurance companies are more costly than this.

The Cheapest Car Insurance Company when an accident occurs – State Farm

If you are a reckless driver who has lots of accidents in your driving record, State Farm will get you insured at a very low rate.

We choose them over others in this category because of the guarantees they will assure every driver that has so many accident records in their driving history.

The Cheap Car Insurance after a DUI – State Farm

DUI which stands for Driving under the Interface is a feature that is found in premium car insurance policies. So many auto insurance companies charge their customer very high because of what they will cover for those drivers.

From our list, State Farm was found to have the cheapest car insurance in this category. Even USAA which most times have cheap car insurance is quite costly in this category of auto insurance.

The cheapest Car Insurance with Poor Credit Rating – Geico

Although every auto insurance company penalizes reckless drivers with poor credit ratings, Geico still gives a huge discount on the car insurance policy that is being given to drivers in this category.

Meanwhile, Geico has some strict terms and conditions that guide every driver who has poor credit in his driving record.

Hence, every driver that surpasses his quota will either be charged to renew the auto insurance fee even within the same year that he/she purchased the car insurance policy or he will be notified that his subscription has expired.

How to find cheapest car insurance for your state

To find any cheap car insurance company in your state (within the U.S), there are a lot of things that auto insurance companies consider before fixing a price for their customers.

First of all, they have to compare the price tag of their competitors, the state where you’re from; for example – Alabama, California, District of Columbia, Idaho, Arizona, etc.

They needed you to state because some factors will determine the cost of auto insurance in every state.

From our research, the cheapest car insurance in any state in the United States of America ranges from $1k+.

The Cheap Car Insurance categorized as Minimum Coverage – Geico

Among all the auto insurance companies in the U.S district, Geico has the minimum coverage for any driver at all. With Geico’s auto insurance policy, one can customize what he needed to purchase in his car insurance policy.

Moreover, so many individuals enjoy using Geico as their sure auto insurance company because of the cheap rates that users enjoy regardless of their car model or their region in the U.S.

The Full Coverage Cheap Car Insurance Company – Geico

Though we classified Geico as the cheapest car insurance company for minimum coverage, Geico still tops the league when it comes to cheap car insurance with full coverage.

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Even with all the features that Geico gives to its customers, Geico still offers auto insurance ranging from $1k+.

With Geico, you’ll save a lot of money while purchasing full coverage auto insurance for your car.

Cheapest Car Insurance FAQs

Below are some FAQs with detailed answers

What is the cheapest car to insure in the United States?

Below cheapest car insurance rate table was culled from Nerdwallet. The table describes the cheapest cars, their annual average insurance and their insurance rate in percentage.

Rank Average annual insurance premium Insurance as % of MSRP
1. Subaru Outback $1,392 5.22
2. Jeep Wrangler $1,416 5.01
3. Honda CR-V $1,439 5.75
4. Subaru Forester $1,465 5.98

How much is car insurance in NY monthly?

Research shows that the average price for full coverage car insurance annually in New York ranges from $2k+, while monthly pricing ranges from $170+.

Although this statistics is dynamic and it changes based on the car model, the type of auto insurance the individual needs, his region, his driving record, etc.

Also, one can find even cheap car insurance companies when he/she shops around.

What is the average amount to pay for car insurance?

If you reside in the U.S, the average car insurance cost ranges from $1,500+. We didn’t specify the exact amount because we have assorted auto insurance companies in the U.S and all of them have their discount rates and special features.

The monthly average cost for auto insurance ranges from $130. Moreover, for any driver to be in this category, you must have good credit, a good driving record, minimal crashes, etc.

What can car insurance protect you from?

Before purchasing a car insurance policy, you need to first understand what the auto insurance will cover for you in case if any uncertainty occurs.

Moreover, an auto insurance policy is the insurance policy that protects the insured individual against financial losses which may arise from life calamities, fire outbreaks, theft, accident, earthquake, flood, etc.

Auto insurance also covers injuries that drivers may likely sustain when an accident happens; although it depends on the kind of car insurance policy that one purchased.

What is the cheapest way to get car insurance for a teenager?

Since buying an auto insurance policy for teenagers is quite expensive, we recommend that as a father or senior driver, you should include the teenagers in your car insurance to ease the financial burden for purchasing auto insurance for the teenagers in your family.

Research carried out at TheYoungBoss shows that teen drivers’ yearly premium car insurance policy costs even twice the price of premium auto insurance for adults.

Does V8 raise insurance?

Although car insurance depends on what the individual wants, vehicles that come with V8 engines are far costly than others with less engine power.

The increase in insurance price is not just because of the cost of the car alone, but also the fuel consumption, maintenance of the car, and the performance of those cars (what you can use them for).

Furthermore, in terms of speeding, vehicles with V8 engines have more speeding capacity as well as balance compared with other lower vehicle engines like V6.



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