Gap Insurance Refund Calculator: All You Need To Know [Detailed]4 min read

Gap Insurance Refund Calculator: All You Need To Know [Detailed]4 min read

Do you want to learn what a gap insurance refund calculator is all about? Then you’re in the right place.

This guide contains everything you need to know about the gap insurance refund calculator.

TheYoungBossyour sure insurance plug has documented all the information you need to know concerning this topic.

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Understanding Gap Insurance Refund Calculator

To understand the gap insurance refund calculator, follow the steps below:

Step1: Inspect the expiring date that is written in your policy

In the policy form that your insurance company gives you, check out to find the expiring date that is written in it.

Step 2: Know the amount you paid for gap insurance

If you have forgotten the amount you paid when purchasing your gap insurance, you can search for the receipt that confirmed your gap insurance payment to recall the exact amount you paid.

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Step 3: Divide the amount you paid with the number of months you’re covered

Now divide the amount you paid for your gap insurance by the number of months that your insurance company gets you covered.

Step 4: Compute your result

The result from your calculation above will help you to determine your gap insurance refund.

Gap Insurance Cancellation Refund Calculator

To determine gap insurance cancellation calculator, select your auto insurance company that you want to get you covered and do the following:

  1. Select the policy you’re looking for; for example home, auto, health insurance
  2. Choose the amount you wish to pay
  3. Choose your duration (months or years)
  4. Pick a starting date for your gap insurance
  5. Mark an ending date for your policy

How to Figure Gap Insurance Refund Calculator

To know if your gap insurance refund is due, multiply the price of the number of months that you paid for by the number of months that you intend not to use the gap insurance.

By so doing, you’ll get the exact refund amount for your gap insurance. Gap insurance refund calculator.

How Long Does It Take For a Gap Insurance Refund

When you request your gap insurance cancellation, it usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

Moreover, when you constantly get in touch with your gap insurance company, it will hasten the process duration.

How Gap Insurance Refund Works

Although when requesting for gap insurance refund calculator, you won’t get all the amount you paid for your policy, you will still get a decent amount back.

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Depending on your gap insurance company, the way your gap insurance refund will work is determined by the way you paid for the gap insurance policy.

Let’s examine two ways that one can pay for a gap insurance policy:

The Lump sum payment method

This is when you pay your gap insurance in advance, your gap insurance company will surely refund you all your unused funds.

The monthly payment method

Anyone who pays for his/her gap insurance every month will not get all his refund when he requests for a cancellation.

Probably the past months will not be given back to him; only the current unused months will be refunded to him.

How Long Do You Have To Claim Gap Insurance Refund (Calculator)

After you have requested your gap insurance cancellation, you have to wait for a space of 30 days for your money to be refunded to you.

Meanwhile, canceling gap insurance will attract some charges depending on your insurance company.

What Is Gap Insurance Refund? – Gap Insurance Refund Calculator

A gap insurance refund is a request appealing to your gap insurance company that you want to terminate the contract you have with them.

Requesting for a gap insurance refund sometimes attracts charges.

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Do you get your gap insurance money back?

When you request for gap insurance cancellation, you won’t get your full coverage back as long as you have paid off your car.

But while you still have your car, you will get the unused months; upon your loan payment method, you may not recover all the money in full.

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How much do you usually get back from gap insurance?

When you request a cancellation in your gap insurance, your insurance company may pay you up to 25% of your actual car value (AVC).

How is gap insurance payout calculated?

Your gap insurance company will help you pay the difference between the worth of your vehicle and the amount you owe.

An illustration – If you owe $10,000 in your gap insurance loan and your vehicle is worth $7,500, your gap insurance company will assist you in paying off the remaining balance, excluding your deductibles.


This guide covered what you should understand about the gap insurance refund calculator, how long it takes to get a gap insurance refund, how gap insurance refund works, etc.

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