Cheapest Car Insurance after DUI [Well Detailed]7 min read

Cheapest Car Insurance after DUI [Well Detailed]7 min read

Cheapest car insurance after DUI – While alcohol and other related drugs are still in existence, some drivers cannot do without them, regardless of the restrictions and conditions that follow any driver that was found driving under the influence.

Over time we have noticed from statistics that DUI increases your car insurance rates regardless of the driver.

Moreover, since drivers caught under the influence usually have high insurance rates, there is still a way to reduce your auto insurance cost of which we will expose you to the cheapest car insurance after DUI.

According to statistics, there were over 10,000 people were killed in alcohol-impaired-driving crashes in 2019 alone in the United States.

These alcohol-impaired-driving (DUI) crashes happen almost every 52 minutes and it was recorded that crashes caused by alcohol-impaired-driving are about 28% of all the motor vehicle traffic accidents that happen in the U.S as of 2019.

If you’re a driver with DUI, TheYoungBoss has gotten the detailed cheapest car insurance after you have been imposed of DUI.

Let’s get started…

What Does DUI Insurance Means?

Let’s start by knowing the full meaning of DUI. DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence. As we have car insurance, life insurance, etc. there is no special insurance called DUI insurance.

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DUI insurance simply means coverage for a high-risk driver who has been caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Insurance companies usually charge drivers with DUI more than others because their chances of crashing are very high.

Meanwhile, as a driver with DUI your insurance is usually high but there are still some ways to reduce your DUI insurance cost of which TheYoungBoss has detailed amazing cheapest car insurance for drivers with DUI.

Will My Car Insurance Be Affected After A DUI?

We all know that driving under the influence is quite risky; so depending on the driving rules you violated, DUI may cause you to lose your car insurance policy.

When your driving license has been suspended because of DUI, we recommend that you get SR-22 insurance which will serve as coverage to your auto insurance policy.

Moreover, in some cases, DUI will just increase your car insurance rates. From our detailed research, we have gotten the cheapest car insurance for DUI drivers. Keep reading…

The State with the Cheapest Car Insurance After A DUI

While every state has its own rules which also affect drivers and their insurance policies, your state will also determine your car insurance rates.

Whereas DUI increases drivers rates, their states also determine their DUI insurance cost since different states have different ways of calculating DUI drivers.

Moreover, some car insurance companies are not available in every state; because of this, they may tend to have high DUI insurance rates.

The below are some car insurance companies in the United States that are available in almost all the states and cities in the U.S

  1. Auto-Owners – Users recommends this insurance company for their cheap DUI insurance rates most especially in the South Carolina
  2. Progressive – They are known for their low car insurance rates for DUI drivers mainly in Iowa and some other states.
  3. State Farm – They have cheap DUI insurance premiums in some states like Virginia, Wyoming, Maine, etc.
  4. Travelers – This auto insurance company has the cheapest auto insurance quotes for DUI drivers in some states like Rhode Island.

The Cheapest Car Insurance Company after DUI?

From the in-depth research we carried out, we have documented the cheapest car insurance where you can easily get your DUI insurance.

These cheapest car insurance companies for DUI drivers are dependent on the insurance companies’ terms and conditions and other related factors that determine such discounts.

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The below are some of the cheapest car insurance companies after DUI.

American Family

This is the cheapest car insurance company after DUI on our list and they have an average full coverage insurance cost with DUI which is about $1,381.


Although USAA is for military personnel and their families, they have the second cheapest car insurance rates after DUI which is about $1,931


Safeco is the third cheapest car insurance company after DUI; they have average full coverage insurance of about $2,072.

How long can DUI affect my insurance rates?

Since DUI is driving under the influence, different states have assorted ways of handling DUI drivers depending on the rules they violated.

DUI driver’s insurance rates may likely extend because their auto insurance companies need to reduce their driving risks by increasing their insurance rates.

Moreover, in the United States, DUI drivers may pay high insurance rates for a period of 3 to 5 years.

In some states like Georgia, DUI may affect drivers’ insurance costs for about 10 years. It sounds crazy, right?

Can I come out of DUI as a driver?

Since DUI is a serious offense in the U.S, it is very difficult for drivers who have DUI in their driving record to eliminate DUI from their record; although if you’re one, there is a remedy for you. TheYoungBoss is your sure insurance plug.

Below are our recommended tips on how to recover from DUI violations:

  1. Get SR-22 insurance (also called FR-44 in some states like Florida & Virginia)
  2. Maintain a good driving record
  3. Look for DUI insurance (you can select from the cheapest car insurance companies after DUI that we discussed in this guide)

Will SR-22 Serve As A Coverage For My Auto Insurance After A DUI?

The answer is a big YES! In the U.S today, once you’re regarded as a high-risk driver, you’ll be mandated to file an SR-22 form.

This SR-22 will be filled according to your state’s motor vehicle department instructions and it will serve as evidence that you possess DUI insurance.

The name SR-22 insurance is being branded in some states. Sometimes you may see something like SR-21, FR-44, etc. they are still the same as SR-22 insurance.

The goal of SR-22 insurance is to serve as coverage for high-risk drivers. To learn more about what SR-22 insurance or FR-44 insurance is all about, read my guide here.

The Ultimate Alternative for Obtaining Cheapest Car Insurance after DUI

  1. Purchase your DUI insurance from your auto insurance company
  2. Try your best to reduce the recklessness
  3. Shop around to find the cheapest car insurance after DUI
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Can I get cheap insurance after DUI?

Regardless of your violations, you can still get cheap car insurance rates after DUI. For instance, the quality articles produced by TheYoungBoss will surely guide you on how to get the cheapest car insurance even after a DUI.

To get cheap car insurance after DUI, do the following:

  1. Shop around to find the cheapest car insurance companies.
  2. Take a defensive driving course
  3. Reduce your deductibles

Top Best Rated Car Insurance Companies for Drivers after A DUI

The below are the best car insurance companies for drivers after a DUI. These car insurance companies were chosen based on their customer’s satisfaction, discount rates, availability, etc.

  1. Geico insurance company
  2. USAA
  3. Progressive
  4. State Farm
  5. Nationwide

FAQs about Cheapest Car Insurance after DUI

Will I Lose My Driver’s License Immediately after a DUI?

Depending on your state in the U.S, you may be suspended immediately when you get DUI as a driver.

Moreover, the suspension may take a while before it can become effective as per affecting your driving license; although it all depends on your state.

For How Long Can DUI Affect My Auto Insurance Rates?

Depending on your auto insurance company, DUI may affect your car insurance for a period of about 3 to 5 years.

What Type Of Car Insurance Can I Get With A DUI?

As a driver with a DUI, you need to get SR-22 insurance, FR-44 insurance, or other related insurance; the aim is to have a minimum required insurance for your state.

Can A DUI Disqualify Me From Some Jobs?

Yes! If you’re applying for a driving job, your employee can disqualify you because you’re considered a high-risk driver.

For instance, applying for Uber driving or pizza delivery can be disqualified because of DUI.


To get the cheapest car insurance after DUI, you have to maintain a good driving record, you can as well get SR-22 insurance or shop around to find the cheapest car insurance companies after a DUI.

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