Geico Insurance Review: Read all you need to know15 min read

Geico Insurance Review: Read all you need to know15 min read

In the United States today, Geico insurance company is one of the most popular insurance companies among other several rated insurance companies.

Geico coverage company is very popular because of the decent discounts they give to their noble customers.

Are you planning to get your auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance, life insurance, etc. from Geico indemnity company? Then you’re in the right place.

In this review guide, we detailed everything you need to know about Geico insurance company including: Geico auto indemnity, Geico coverage quotes, Geico indemnity login, Geico assurance customer service, Geico coverage claims, Geico allowance claims phone number, Geico backing near me, Geico guarantee card, Geico assurance commercial, Geico indemnity review, Geico coverage ad, Geico allowance agent, Geico coverage pros, Geico coverage cons, etc.

Geico insurance pros

  • Cheapest auto insurance company for drivers with poor credit in the U.S
  • They have advanced online features for individuals who wish to do everything online
  • Recommended for people looking for multiple insurance policies
  • They offer huge discount rates in all their insurance plans
  • Most recommended insurance company for family and friends

Geico insurance cons

  • Regardless their discount rates, they still have high rate for drivers with DUI
  • They don’t offer gap insurance
  • They have limited insurance policies for their local agents

Why you should choose Geico insurance company

From some of our guides where we discussed on the cheapest car insurance companies, we found that Geico is one of the cheapest insurance companies in the United States of America.

They are not just the cheapest! Even on their huge discount rates, they still offer advanced insurance features that will get you covered in both your personal property and third party properties.

Moreover, Geico assurance ratings from users is very satisfactory and they are recommended as one of the best auto insurance companies for family as well as friends.

Although USAA insurance company is the cheapest car insurance company, they are limited to military personals or those that have relations with military personals.

From our review, Geico is the second cheapest car insurance in the U.S. meanwhile, subscribers who are not qualified to access USAA insurance policy (as it is limited to military personnel’s) can easily switch to Geico as their limitations are very minor.

If you’re a driver who does not have bad driving history, you will surely save a lot of money whuile purchasing Geico’s auto insurance.

Geico Car Insurance Company Info

Geico car coverage company being very popular in insuring individuals and companies in auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, etc. offers assorted kinds of auto insurance to Recreational Vehicles (RVs), cars, motorcycles, boats, and so on.

Geico car assurance company offers a lot of ad-dons to their subscribers such as mechanical breakdown insurance, emergency road service (for instance – fuel supply, towing, and so on).

One of the most interesting thing about Geico car insurance company is that with them your insurance rate will be reduced. Even if you got involve in a car accident, Geico offers accident forgiveness to their users.

This accident forgiveness that Ge-ico offers prevents a lot of people from having increased car insurance, thereby eliminating driver’s first at-fault accident.

Brief history about GEICO insurance company

Before we dive into some historical data, let’s examine the full meaning of the abbreviation “GEICO”. GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company.

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In the United States today, GEICO is a very popular private American auto insurance company which is situated in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

GEICO was instituted in the year 1936 by a popular Americans known as Leo Goodwin Sr. and Lillian Goodwin (Husband and wife respectively).

(In 1996, GEICO became a wholly owned subscriber) GEICO is owned by Berkshire Hathaway and as the time of writing, GEICO provides car insurance policy for over 24 million vehicles in the entire states that constitute the U.S, as well as the District of Columbia.

The cost of Geico Car Insurance

In our previous articles where we reviewed the best cheapest car insurance company, Geico was found to be the best second cheapest car insurance company in the United States. Although USAA is the cheapest car insurance but it is limited to only military personnel’s.

With Geico auto coverage, one can save a lot of money and still get insured in what other costly auto insurance company will cover for him. While subscribing for Geico auto assurance policy, if you have a good driving record, it will attract more discount rates for you.

The average car insurance in Geico auto cover company was estimated to be $1,100 annually, while other auto assurance companies are quite higher than this price.

In Geico, the cost of your car indemnity policy depends on certain conditions such as: your region in the U.S, your gender, your age, your speeding ticket, your driving history, etc.

NOTE: Some of the prices that you may see in this article may be written in something like $2k+, $3k+, etc. this is because prices usually change. Moreover, we don’t want in any means to serve our readers with the wrong information. When you see $2k+, it means that the price range is within $2k to $3k.

Geico Car Insurance rates for Teen Drivers

Because of how reckless teenage drivers can be, the cost of getting an auto insurance for teenagers is quite costly among other several car insurance policies for aged drivers, drivers with speeding tickets, etc.

Meanwhile, though car insurance for teens is very costly, Geico still has the cheapest auto assurance for teenagers.

Gico auto insurance company offers car insurance for teenage drivers (both male and female) for about $3K+ while another competitive auto insurance company issues the same car insurance to teenage drivers for about $4K+.

Geico Car Insurance rates for Young Adults

Whereas some young adults went to driving school to master how to obey road signs, traffic lights, maintain lanes, prevent crashes, etc.

Most car insurance companies reduced their car insurance policy cost when compared to that of teen drivers. Depending on the car insurance company, female drivers in this category usually pay less than male drivers (young adults).

Furthermore, Geico’s average cost for young adults car insurance policy ranges from $1,000 to $1,300.

Geico Car Insurance rates for Senior Drivers

Here we all know the meaning of “Senior”. We can define senior drivers as people that are older in driving as well as superior in the field.

By default senior drivers has the lowest insurance rates in the entire sections of car insurance. Reason is because they know what they are doing in the field.

Geico’s car insurance policy for senior drivers ranges from $1,000 to $1,100.

Geico Car Insurance rates for drivers with Poor Credit

While other auto insurance companies are afraid to insure drivers with poor credit, Geico even gives huge discount for any driver with poor credit who wish to partner with Geico’s insurance company.

Some insurance companies penalizes drivers with poor credit history, and some even double the cost of purchasing car insurance policy for those drivers with poor credit history when compared to teenage drivers.

Geico’s average car insurance for drivers with poor credit ranges from $1,500 to $2,000 while other car insurance companies issues the same policy for over $2k.

Geico Car Insurance rates for Good Drivers

Good drivers are similar to senior drivers, in the sense that they hardly have accident in their driving record.

Car insurance companies tends to give good drivers one of the best car insurance rates because they are gurus when it comes to driving.

Geico issues car assurance policy to good drivers at the range of $1,000 to $1,200 annually.

Geico Car Insurance rates after a Speeding Ticket

Having a speeding ticket often increases car insurance rates for every individual as well as the companies that issues those insurances.

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Even at this, Geico gives huge discount rate to drivers that has speeding ticket. Geico charges an average of $1,000 to $1,500 per annum.

Geico Car Insurance rates After an Accident

Insurance rates after an accident means drivers that have accident in their driving record. Since this category of drivers has recorded an accident in their past, many car insurance companies charges them high when they want to purchase or renew their auto insurance policy.

Moreover, Geico coverage company gives amazing discount rate to drivers in this category. Their average price for drivers in this category ranges from $1,500 to about $2,000.

Geico Car Insurance rates after DUI

First let’s examine the full meaning of DUI. DUI means Driving Under the Influence. It simply means drivers that are caught driving while drunk or when they are operating their car while intoxicated.

Drivers in this category easily gets crashed, and auto insurance companies charges them extremely higher.

Although Geico charges their customers higher more than other auto insurance companies when it comes to driver driving under the influence.

Geico’s average rate in this category ranges from $2,600 to $3,000.

Geico insurance customer service

User review from people that were insured by Ge-ico assurance company reveals that Ge-ico has good customer service, though some insurance companies like USAA is far better than Geico in their customer support service.

Over 50% of all the people that purchased their insurance policy from Ge-ico commented that Geico’s services is satisfactory especially when contacting their customer service.

Geico Auto Insurance Discounts

While we are undergoing an in-depth research about Geico, we found that Ge-ico has the best discount rates when it comes to auto insurance. One of the major factor is that Geico auto coverage can be accessed by everybody, unlike USAA that is limited to military personnel’s and their families.

Gei-co provides assorted discount rates in the auto insurance industry. They include but not limited to:

Air bag discount, multi-vehicle discount, military discount, accident free discount, good driver discount, etc.

Moreover, Geico auto assurance discount varies from state to state; some discounts may be available in this state while it won’t in the other state.

Below are core Geico auto coverage discounts that will be useful to you that is reading this article, regardless of your country.

New vehicle discount – Geico gives up to 10% discount for drivers whose car or truck is less than or equal to three (3) years old.

Multi-vehicle discount – if you have more than two cars, Geico will surely give you discount.

Military discount – if you’re a member of the military force, be it active or retired, you will have some percentage discount while purchasing your auto insurance policy from Geico.

Good student discount – students who are drivers; be it commercial drivers or they are drivivng within their immediate saves huge money on purchasing or renewing their auto insurance policy.

Defensive driving course – these are the discount given to drivers (both young and adult) who have completed a given course in Geico auto indemnity company.

Accident-free discount – drivers with good record do receive discounts only and only if they don’t have any accident record in their driving history.

Air bag discount – with Ge-ico you can save as high as 20% in your auto insurance policy if your car or truck have air bags.

Multi-policy discount – Geico gives special discount rates when you purchase other insurance policies (such as health, life, house insurance, etc.) from their insurance company.

Anti-theft system discount – if your car comes with built-in anti-theft automated tracking system, you will get an amazing discount.

Tracking device discount – when you register with geico’s DriveEasy program which uses your smartphone to track your driving history, Geico will surely reward you with some discount rates.

Geico insurance quotes

Geico auto allowance rates were found to be very affordable when compared the prices with other auto insurance companies in the United States.

Geico provide a lot of discounts to drivers especially for senior drivers, drivers with no accident in their driving record, aged drivers, etc.

Geico as well offers accident forgiveness to driver’s at-first fault. Even those that have a lot of accident records in their driving record, Geico gives a huge discount for them.

Down to teenage drivers that have one of the most expensive auto insurance rates, Geico’s insurance for teens is quite amazing when compared to other auto insurance companies.

Geico insurance login

To manage your Geico insurance policies in one place, go to Geico Insurance login page and either register a new account or you login to your already existing account.

Geico insurance login
Image showing GEICO insurance company login page

Geico insurance claims

Geico insurance claim

While using Geico assurance company, you can report a claim or even track a claim. If you’re eligible for Geico’s insurance claims, you can schedule a repair service such as requesting for roadside assistance, reporting glass-only damage, reporting an emergence incident, etc.

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Moreover, you can track a claim with Geico; to do this all you need is to have your Geico’s claim number ready. With this you can be able to track your RV claims, motorcycle, cars, etc.

Geico insurance claims phone number

The Geico indemnity claims phone number is (800) 841-3000. With this phone number, you can be able to schedule a damage inspection, repair, pick up, drop off, etc.

Moreover, you can easily fill your claim report by using GEICO’s mobile app or by simply going to

Geico insurance near me

If you reside in the United States of America, UK, or any other country where GEICO auto assurance policy covers, you’ll need to use your ZIP code to find the best insurance quotes for you.

To find the nearest GEICO auto insurance company near you, click here to insert your Zip code.

This is the GEICO indemnity company official logo

GEICO-insurance company Logo
GEICO insurance company Logo

Geico insurance card

Ge ico id-card
Sample of Ge-ico insurance company ID card

Geico issues a digital ID card which you will get in their mobile app. The goal of this ID card is to make your insurance very easy; without much ado, you can use the ID card to prove to someone that your car is insured by Geico auto assurance company.

Geico mobile aps helps users to store their digital insurance ID cards directly in their mobiles.

Geico coverage commercial

While exploring Geico coverage commercial, let’s first examine a sub topic.

The most popular Geico commercial

From our analysis, the “Hump Day” commercial is rated as the most popular Geico assurance commercial.

This ad is quite amazing to people and instead of rejecting the ad or skipping it, they even love it the more.

Geico insurance agent

To find a Geico indemnity agent, click here and enter your address to find a Geico agent near you.

Geico auto insurance company FAQs

How do I contact Geico?

GEICO always responds to their customer’s attention as quick as possible. To contact Geico auto assurance company, use the number (800) 841-2964.

Geico’s mailing address is One Geico Plaza, Washington, DC 20076. Follow Geico on Twitter @Geico

You can as well send them an email by filling the form in their contact page. Also you can contact Geico auto insurance company through their official website

Is Geico a bad company?

From our in-depth research, Ge-ico is not just a god indemnity company but one of the cheapest auto insurance company in the whole of U.S.

Geico has super amazing discount rates for every driver regardless your driving record. TheYoungBoss recommends Geico coverage company for our readers.

Why are GEICO rates so low?

Customers found GEICO rates to be very low because GEICO sells assurance directly to their customers also they gives huge discount rates.

Moreover, if you’re purchasing other insurance policies from Geico, they will as well give you more discount rates. Hence their rates are very low when compared to others.

Does GEICO pay claims well?

Majority of GEICO claims are being settled as they occur; therefore a lot of Geico claims are never taken to lawsuit.

Meanwhile, if probably you’re sued in any law court, just contact Geico as soon as possible.

What organizations get discounts with Geico?

Below are some organizations that get discount with Geico auto indemnity company:

  1. National Association of Federal Employees.
  2. National Association of Government Contractors.
  3. Texas A&M University.
  4. National Peace Corps Association.
  5. BJ’s Wholesale Club Members.
  6. World Golf Tour.

Do Geico customers get discounts on rental cars?

Geico assurance customers get car rental discouts as high as 20%; although those customers are expected to must have rented their cars from well-known enterprises such as Hertz, Alamo, etc.


From our research on Geico insurance review, we found out that Geico indemnity company is one of the best auto insurance companies in the U.S.

We recommend Geico if you reside in the United States of America. Moreover, with Ge-ico you can save a lot of money when purchasing your insurance policy.

Share this complete Geico insurance review guide to your friends, social media, forums, etc. Remember to always visit TheYoungBoss for more detailed insurance guides.



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