Cheapest Sr22 Insurance Arizona: Complete Review [Detailed]4 min read

Cheapest Sr22 Insurance Arizona: Complete Review [Detailed]4 min read

As a high-risk driver, SR22 insurance is quite costly but there are some auto insurance companies that offer Cheapest Sr22 Insurance Arizona.

Moreover, SR22 insurance is for drivers that violate driving rules such as DUI, disobeying traffic rules, driving with a revoked license, etc.

In Arizona, SR22 insurance is not an insurance policy on its own but a form that certifies that a driver meets Arizona minimum liability insurance required by state law.

In this guide TheYoungBossyour sure insurance plug will give you detailed info on Cheapest Sr22 Insurance Arizona.

This includes the cost, how to get it, cheapest companies that offer Cheapest Sr22 Insurance Arizona, answers to FAQs, etc.

Let’s get started…

What is Sr22 Insurance Arizona? – Cheapest Sr22 Insurance Arizona

Sr22 Insurance Arizona simply means a certificate in the format of a form that a driver files to prove that he meets the state’s minimum liability coverage.

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Sr22 Insurance is not insurance on its own but a form that is added to your already existing auto insurance policy.

When you purchase Sr22 Insurance in Arizona, your auto insurance company with submitting your form to DMV to certify that you have what it takes to drive in Arizona.

Moreover, you should know that obtaining insurance after DUI is quite expensive.

Do I need Sr22 Insurance Arizona?

As long as you’re a reckless driver, you will need to file SR22 insurance because your state will not allow you to continue driving after noticing that have lots of violations in your driving record.

Below is the category of drivers that needs to file the SR22 insurance form:

  1. DUI drivers
  2. Reckless drivers
  3. Drivers who drive without insurance
  4. Drivers who drives with revoked license

Moreover, if you only have a minor violation in your driving record, you don’t need to file Sr22 insurance.

How long do I need to carry Sr22 Insurance Arizona?

Depending on the level of your violations, you may need to carry Sr22 Insurance Arizona for about 1 to 3 years.

Although if you have serious violations, your duration may be extended to over 3 years.

Moreover, the duration you’re meant to carry the SR22 insurance starts from the time you filed the Sr22 insurance form.

How do I get Cheapest Sr22 Insurance Arizona

To get Cheapest Sr22 Insurance Arizona, you need to shop around several auto insurance companies.

When you have spotted your desired auto insurance company, you have to file a form to your insurance provider.

Have in mind that if the violations in your driving record are much, some auto insurance companies may deny your a request to purchase SR22 insurance.

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Also, SR22 is by far more costly than a normal insurance policy. If you continue reading, we’ll show you the Cheapest Sr22 Insurance Arizona companies where you can get some discount rates.

Reliable companies that offers Cheapest Sr22 Insurance in Arizona

There are several auto insurance companies that offer Cheapest Sr22 Insurance Arizona.

To locate this company, you have to take your time and shop around.

Moreover, we carried out a series of research and have come up with some auto insurance companies that offer Cheap Sr22 Insurance in Arizona.

Moreover, the minimum coverage for drivers with fewer violations costs an average of $630 annually.

While drivers with lots of violations like DUI get a minimum coverage for SR22 insurance for an average of $950 per year.

Read my guide on what you should know about Auto insurance.

Non-owner Sr22 Insurance in Arizona

The non-owner insurance is a policy designed for reckless drivers that don’t have any car with them at the moment.

This will serve as coverage while driving when they borrow their friend’s car.

In Arizona today the cost of obtaining non-owner SR22 insurance is about $1,000 per year.

Although there are some auto insurance companies that tend to give you a lower prices for this policy.

For instance, Geico sells at about $730 per year.

How much does SR-22 insurance cost per month in Arizona?

The average monthly cost of Sr22 Insurance in Arizona is about #60 to $120.

Moreover, this depends on the auto insurance company that is issuing you the SR22 insurance policy.

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Also, before getting your SR22 form, you have to pay a one-time fee of about $25 to $50 to your state DMV which is used to process your required papers for the SR22 form.

Why does an SR-22 cost so much?

One of the major reasons why SR22 insurance is costly is because it is a form that is required by high-risk drivers.

Moreover, no insurance company will like to encounter any loss by insuring you.

So they have to increase the amount you’ll pay so that if you get involved in an accident, they can still get you covered.

How long does a DUI affect your insurance in Arizona?

In Arizona, DUI will likely affect your insurance for about 1 to 3 years.

Although it depends on the level of your offense and the auto insurance company that is insuring you.


We explained everything you need to know about the Cheapest Sr22 Insurance Arizona, how to get it, and what it will cover for you, how long you need to carry it, etc.

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