Chef’s Knife: 5 best Chef’s Knives you need in your kitchen5 min read

Chef’s Knife: 5 best Chef’s Knives you need in your kitchen5 min read

Have you ever used Chef’s knife in your home? The reason why people are going for Chef’s knife is to sharpen their home cooking skills and ease the stress of cutting some kitchen ingredients.

In as much as there are several kitchen utensils, knife plays a huge role in every meal that is prepared in the kitchen. Imagine if the vegetable is not sliced and it was added to the food just like that!

Moreover, because there are assorted chef’s out there, they normally use different knives to prepare their meals.

Some of the factors that determine the knives that chef’s used for preparing food are: the size of the knife in their hands (for example – Chef’s knife of about 6-8 inches is the most versatile of all), how sharp the cutter is, etc.

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Without much adore, the chef’s knife should be able to slice meat, cut veggies, slice some spies such as onion, garlic, etc.

What is a Chef’s knife?

Chef’s knife is one of the major multi-tool that is needed in every kitchen. This kitchen tools can be used to slice a lot of spies that we used in preparing food.

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It can be used to slice vegetables, to open a lot of sealed products that are used to prepare food. Do you have meat that is not sliced? The cutter can slice your meat to your desired size and shape.

Why you need the Chef’s knife

Because chefs are people who have mastered cooking, there are some specialties that are in the chef’s knife and this is the major reason why you need it.

The chef’s knife is very sharp to the point that it can cut some light bones without adding much pressure while holding it.

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In as much as this, a great knife will also determine how fast you will cook your food and how you will arrange your spies with ease.

Below are the best 5 Chef’s Knives you need in your kitchen

#1 Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

Chef's Knife - Gear-Victorinox-Fibrox-Pro-SOURCE-Amazon 1
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Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife is known as the best beginner’s cutter. This knife is simple in its design, cheaper in price and easy to use.

Almost everything that can be sliced or cut with knife respects this knife because it is capable of performing amazing functions.

If you are new in the cooking field, this knife is light and user friendly. This is why it is rated as the best beginner’s knife.

#2 Richmond Artifex II

Gear-Richmond-Artifex-SOURCE-Chef-Knives-to-go 2
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The Richmond Artifex II has a Western-style handle which makes it suitable for everyone to make use of.

This type of cutter has two amazing flat sides on the metal blade and can serve for several purposes.

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It is a stainless steel knife and doesn’t gets rust when used over a long period.

#3 Kiwi Stainless Steel 8-inch Chef’s Knife

Chef's Knife - Gear-Kiwi-Knife-SOURCE-Amazon 3
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This Kiwi knife is the cheapest amazing chef knife in the market. Although it’s cheap in price, it also comes with unique features that are found in other high cost cutter.

People who use Kiwi knife saved a lot of money and they inturn used the money to buy other kitchen utensil that they need.

This Kiwi knife will serve you for a very long time.

#4 Korin Togiharu Carbon Steel Gyuto

Chef's Knife - Gear-Korin-SOURCE-Korin 4
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This Carbon knife is known for its quality. Review showed that this Carbon knife lasts over 20 years from some chefs who have used it.

This carbon knife is as sharp as a razor blade. It cuts things with ease.

In as much as this chef knife is amazing, it takes someone that is very careful to handle it properly. If care is not taken while using it, it will easily rust.

#5 Wüsthof Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Chef's Knife - Gear-Wustoff-SOURCE-Amazon 5
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This is one of the best chefs Japanese knives in the market. It is short and has a lighter blade which cut things with ease.

When compared to other stainless knifes, this Wüsthof Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife has a smoother edge than other knifes in its category.

Although this knife is heavier than some cutter, it is still comfortable and easy to handle.



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