Continental Life Insurance Dental: Complete Review [Detailed]1 min read

Continental Life Insurance Dental: Complete Review [Detailed]1 min read

Continental Life Insurance Dental is not just a dental service provider alone.

They are also one of the biggest benefit providers in the world today.

Continental Life Insurance Dental is a fully integrated life and accident insurance company that is willing to take care of its subscriber’s health at every moment.

Conti-nental Life Insurance Dental focused on delivering high-quality as well as innovative dental care products to both individuals and employer groups.

Over the years, Conti-nental Life Insurance Dental has culled varieties of dental benefit plans for individuals to ensure their strong health.

These dental health benefits include Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), and other amazing insurance plans.

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About Continental Life Insurance Dental (FCL)

Conti-nental Life Insurance Dental was founded in the year 1998 and the goal was to offer high-quality dental care products to its subscribers.

This company’s commercial customers are unions, government agencies, individuals, associations, etc.

Hereunder, this company also offers dental insurance plans not just for organizations alone but also to residents at the nursing homes.

Their headquarters is situated in Sugar Land, Texas.

Continental Life Insurance Dental Contact Info

Corporate Headquarters Mailing Address – Texas

FCL Dental

101 Parklane Boulevard, Suite 301

Sugar Land, TX, 77478


Conti-nental Life Insurance Dental Phone number

The Continental Life Insurance Dental Phone number is

  • 1-877-493-6282 or
  • 281-313-7150
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Continental Life Insurance Dental Plans

  1. PPO
  2. DHMO
  3. Nursing Home
  4. Medicaid & Medicare
  5. Vision
  6. Limited Medical


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