Nissan gap insurance: Full review – Cost, what it covers, benefits4 min read

Nissan gap insurance: Full review – Cost, what it covers, benefits4 min read

Nissan gap insurance is the type of insurance offered by Nis-san Company to protect driver’s vehicle from any form of disaster; it may be accident, theft, etc.

If you have been following our contents, you would have known that your auto insurance policy will not cover the cost of your totaled vehicle; otherwise specified.

When you did not purchase Nis-san gap insu-rance for your vehicle, Nis-san will not be responsible for paying your vehicle’s actual cash value (ACV) and all the expenses that will arise when using your car will come from your pocket.

Purchasing Nissan gap insurance for your car will enable you to have peace of mind while driving your car.

In this guide, TheYoungBoss which is your sure insurance plug will give you detailed info on Nis-san gap insurance, what it covers, cost, benefit, how it works, etc.

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Do I Need Nis-san Gap Insu-rance?

To avoid unplanned expenses when driving your vehicle, you should purchase gap insurance which is likely going to cover the amount you owe; this is mostly applicable to your car’s worth at that moment.

Nissan gap insurance will be more beneficial to you if:

  1. If you have accumulated negative equity from your previous vehicle loan
  2. When you’re in the initial phase of your vehicle lease
  3. When your down payment is lower than 20%
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What will Nissan gap insurance cover?

When you purchase Nis-san gap insurance, regardless of the uncertainty you encountered, it will cover the difference between the amounts you owe in your loan with the insurance company.

Moreover, Nis-san gap insurance will NOT cover the following for you:

  1. Repairs when your vehicle breaks down
  2. If you rent another car while repairing your car
  3. Your car interests
  4. Penalties that you accumulated
  5. Other fees that will arise when driving your vehicle.

Note: when applying for Nissan gap insurance, you need to have an already existing auto insurance policy that is active for your vehicle.

How does Nissan gap insurance work?

If for instance you own a vehicle and it got stolen and you’re owing your gap insurance company more than the value of your stolen vehicle as of that time, your gap insurance company will assist you to pay (cover) the depreciation between the amount you owed and your cars actual value cash (AVC).

Meanwhile, if you don’t have any gap insurance and your vehicle got stolen, you have to pay all the cost from your pocket.

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Where/when you can buy gap insurance

There are assorted places where you can purchase gap insurance for your vehicle. They include:

  • When you purchase your car from your car dealer
  • From third party gap insurance companies
  • As an ad-don from your auto insurance company

Nissan Gap Insurance Refund

You can request a gap insurance refund if you no longer need the coverage of gap insurance for your vehicle.

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Moreover, if you have a prepaid balance, when you request a refund (when you cancel your gap insurance), your insurance company will refund you the funds that you have not used.

Nis-san Gap Insu-rance Claim

After purchasing Nis-san gap insurance, you can claim the following:

  • Coverage for your car
  • An additional auto insurance policy that will take care of your vehicles debt especially when damaged or stolen

Nis-san Gap Insu-rance Phone/ Contact Number

To contact the Nissan gap insurance department, use this phone number 1-800-777-7525.

Nissan Gap Insurance Cost

Purchasing gap insurance from Nissan may cost you between $200 to $300 depending on what you want them to cover for you.

Nissan Gap Insurance Customer Service

Nissan customer service phone is 800-NISSAN-1 or (800-647-7261) and they are available from Monday to Friday: 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM CST.

How do I cancel my Nis-san gap insurance?

To cancel your Nissan gap insurance, you have to contact them either through their phone number or by requesting a cancellation form from their website.

Do Nis-san leases come with gap insurance?

No! Nis-san does not give gap insurance to their lease vehicle. Moreover, you can obtain a GAP Waiver from NMAC at no extra cost.

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