APPI Gap Insurance: Reviews, What It Is, Forms, Claims, etc.2 min read

APPI Gap Insurance: Reviews, What It Is, Forms, Claims, etc.2 min read

If you have APPI gap insurance be it at a car dealership, you’ll be covered when you get involved in an accident that may result in you losing your car.

Moreover, even if your car got stolen by thieves, as long as you have A.P.P.I gap insurance, all you should do at that moment is to send all the required documents needed to retrieve your claim back to yourself.

TheYoungBoss which is your sure insurance plug will give you detailed info concerning A.P.P.I gap insurance, what it will cover for you once purchased, what it means, etc.

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What Is APPI Gap Insurance?

APPI which stands for Advanced Protection Products International is a gap insurance provider that gives coverage as a waiver to the person that initiated the sales/ lease contract.

For instance, if you have purchased your gap insu-rance from APPI probably at a car dealership, your car will be covered even when it gets stolen or damaged in an accident.

A.P.P.I Gap Insurance Phone Number

The APPI gap insurance phone number is 888-366-3774 – Fax Customer Service (225) 612-6731.

APPI Gap Insu-rance Reviews

Review from some users that have used A.PPI gap insurance testified that when their car gets the loss, which was due to a fatal accident, APPI takes care of the financial burden to get him a new car.

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Also when your auto insurance agrees to pay out, A.P.P.I gap insu-rance will surely pay you – since it is a documented agreement that they will cover theft or any form of loss.

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A.P.P.I Gap Insurance Cancellation Form

To request for APPI gap insurance cancellation form, read the documented PDF guideline here.

APPI Gap Insu-rance Claim

The A.P.P.I gap insu-rance claim form allows you to utilize several options while claiming your gap insurance.

Read the full documentation here.

A.P.P.I Gap Insu-rance Coverage

When you purchase APPI gap insu-rance, it will surely get you covered for any loss that will get to your vehicle; be it accident or theft.

How to Call APPI Gap Insu-rance

To give A.P.P.I gap insurance customer service a call, use their phone number 888-366-3774 or their Fax Customer Service number (225) 612-6731.


We explained all you should know about APPI gap insurance, how it works and the benefits it has.

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