SR22 Insurance Idaho: All You Should Know [Detailed]5 min read

SR22 Insurance Idaho: All You Should Know [Detailed]5 min read

SR22 insurance Idaho – in Idaho, you’ll be mandated to file SR22 insurance if you’re considered as a high-risk driver.

Some driving violations that will make you a high-risk driver are recklessness, DUI, disobeying traffic lights, driving without a license, etc.

Moreover, SR22 insurance is related to normal auto insurance, just that it is a form that shows that a driver has minimum liability coverage that is required by his state.

If you’re a driver and you’re required to get SR22 insurance in Idaho, you’re on the right page.

TheYoungBoss – your sure insurance plug will give detailed info about SR22 insurance Idaho, including cheap auto insurance companies, where you can purchase SR22 insurance Idaho, the cost, FAQs, etc.

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What is SR22 insurance in Idaho?

In Idaho, other states, and other nations, SR22 is not a kind of insurance coverage. It’s just a form that your SR22 insurance company gives you on your behalf to prove that you have the state’s minimum auto insurance requirements as a driver.

Note: your state or law will never demand SR22 insurance in Idaho unless you have a lot of violations in your driving record.

If you’re a driver that usually drives under influence or violates traffic rules, your state will either suspend your driving license or request that you file SR22 insurance.

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To understand what DUI is all about, read my guide here.

Also if your license was revoked because of DUI, here is the cheapest car insurance after DUI.

How much does SR22 insurance in Idaho cost?

The cost of SR22 insurance in Idaho is quite higher than in other states in the U.S.

Also, you should know that obtaining SR22 insurance means that your insurance company is willing to pay for any damages you may cause in the future; because you’re a reckless driver by default.

Moreover, getting SR22 insurance in Idaho will cost you about $15 to $35 just to file the form alone.

Then the actual price you’ll pay will be determined by the type of violations you committed and the data in your driving record.

For instance, if your license was revoked because of DUI, you will like to pay $1,600+ annually.

Also if you get involved in a crash collision and the damages you caused worth more than $2,000, your SR22 insurance quote may increase to about $1,700+ per year. SR22 Insurance Idaho

SR22 Insurance Idaho Falls

The SR22 Insurance Idaho Falls offers insurance to high-risk drivers in Idaho not just for vehicle owners alone but to non-owners that are required to file or get SR22 Insurance Idaho.

Best Cheapest SR22 insurance in Idaho

While we discuss the cheapest insurance companies that offer SR22 insurance in Idaho, know that you will need to pay a filing fee of about $15 to $35; depending on the company you’re shopping from.

Meanwhile, if you only have DUI in your record, the cost of SR22 insurance in Idaho will likely start from $600+.

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Below is the cheapest SR22 insurance in Idaho:

  1. State Farm – about $300+
  2. Progressive – $300+
  3. Allstate – $500+
  4. Travelers – $700+
  5. Geico – $900+

Note: we added a plus (+) sign to the prices above because prices are very dynamic as several factors can alter the price of a commodity in the market.

SR22 insurance Idaho is it meant for every driver?

As SR22 insurance in Idaho is required for high-risk drivers, not all drivers should have it.

Below is the category of drivers that are mandated to have SR22 insurance in Idaho:

  1. DUI
  2. Reckless drivers
  3. Stubborn drivers who drive with a revoked license
  4. Drivers who get involved in an accident without an insurance policy.

Non-owner SR22 insurance Idaho – Sr22 Insurance Idaho No Car

If you’re a high-risk driver without a car and you reside in Idaho, you surely need to file SR22 insurance in Idaho to activate your revoked driving license.

When you’re marked or reported as a high-risk driver, some restrictions will be placed on your license which will surely suspend you from driving.

When you purchase SR22 insurance in Idaho as a non-owner (a driver without a car), you’ll be able to drive freely when you rent or borrow your friend’s car.

Sr22 Insurance Companies Idaho

Below are sr22 insurance companies in Idaho:

  1. Progressive
  2. Allstate
  3. Geico
  4. State Farm
  5. USAA
  6. Farmers
  7. American Family

How to obtain SR22 insurance in Idaho

To obtain SR22 insurance in Idaho, the first shop around to find the best quote for you.

When you have gotten your desired insurance company, you’ll need to file an SR22 insurance form on your behalf.

Moreover, the price of your SR22 insurance will be determined by the level of violations in your driving record.

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When you have been given the estimated price, you can pay using any conducive payment method.

Once your payment has been confirmed, in less than 24 hours your will receive your SR22 coverage and you can then drive safely.

How much does SR22 insurance cost in Idaho?

From our research, the average cost of SR22 insurance in Idaho is about $400+.

Comparing the cost with auto insurance, SR22 insurance is always costlier than a normal insurance policy.

While filing the SR22 insurance in Idaho, you’ll be required to pay a $15 to $35 filing fee; depending on the company you’re shopping from.

How long is an SR22 required in Idaho?

As a high-risk driver, you are required to have SR22 insurance in Idaho for about 1 to 3 years, according to minimum car insurance coverage by Idaho law.

How much does SR22 insurance cost a month?

The average monthly cost of SR22 insurance in Idaho ranges from $60 to $130 per month.

Since insurance companies differ from each other, their prices and the services they render can never be the same; the same occurs to their prices.

In Idaho, the DMV in charge of your state will as well charge you some decent cash when filing the SR22 insurance form.

Does Idaho require SR22?

Yes! SR22 insurance is required in Idaho for all drivers with violations in their driving record.

Such violations can be DUI, recklessness, disobeying traffic rules, overspeeding, etc.

SR22 insurance is like an add-on policy to your auto insurance policy.


This article is your ultimate guide to understanding SR22 insurance Idaho.

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