Non-Owners Sr22 Insurance SC: All You Should Know [Detailed]5 min read

Non-Owners Sr22 Insurance SC: All You Should Know [Detailed]5 min read

Non-Owners Sr22 Insurance SC – if you’re a high-risk driver in South Carolina you need to purchase Non-Owners Sr22 Insurance especially if you don’t have any car with you.

Any driver with his license revoked because of violations needs to obtain SR22 insurance and if you borrow a car often regardless of whether you own a car, Non-Owners Sr22 Insurance SC is quite recommended for you.

Moreover, there are certain things this Non-Owners Sr22 Insurance SC will cover for you.

Also, there are lots of benefits you will have if you purchase Non-Owners Sr22 Insurance SC as a high-risk driver.

TheYoungBoss – your sure insurance plug will give you detailed info on Non-Owners Sr22 Insurance SC.

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What Is Non-Owners SR22 Insurance SC?

Non-Owners SR22 Insurance SC can be seen as insurance coverage for high-risk drivers that don’t have a car in South Carolina.

The Non-Owners SR22 Insurance SC is simply a document that proves or certifies the driver that a driver has the minimum liability insurance required by state law.

Any high-risk driver will be mandated to carry SR22 insurance in South Carolina.

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Moreover, Non-Owners SR22 Insurance SC is required for those reckless drivers that don’t have a car.

This insurance is additional insurance that will be added to your auto insurance policy.

So while you’re a reckless driver, you need to have active auto insurance before you can request for Non-Owners SR22 Insurance SC.

Do I need to purchase Non-Owners SR22 Insurance SC?

You need to have Non-Owners SR22 Insurance SC if you’re a reckless driver that doesn’t have a car and your license was revoked.

Depending on the details in your driving record, you can equally purchase non-owner insurance without buying SR22 insurance.

When you purchase Non-Owners SR22 Insurance, it proves that though you don’t have a car, you’re financially responsible to drive safely.

How long do you need to carry Non-Owners SR22 Insurance SC?

Depending on the violations in your driving record, you may need to carry the Non-Owners SR22 Insurance SC for about 1 to 3 years.

In some cases it may elongate more than 3 years (probably 5 years); that is if the violations that you’re your license revoked are much.

Moreover, if your auto insurance lapses within this period, your non-owner SR22 insurance will begin to count afresh, starting from the day you renewed it.

Also, if your Non-Owners SR22 Insurance SC expires while your state DMV has not removed those violations from your driving record, your driving license will be revoked.

What will Non-Owners SR22 Insurance SC cover for me?

If you’re a reckless driver without a car, just know that Non-Owners SR22 Insurance SC will not cover your vehicle; probably when you get one.

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Meanwhile, as Non-Owners SR22 Insurance SC is designed for reckless drivers that don’t have a car, it will cover your borrowed vehicle when you have an accident with it.

As SR22 insurance is not a primary insurance policy, it is a secondary form that you need to carry as a reckless driver which will serve as additional coverage to your auto insurance.

Most times the insurance company that issued you Non-Owners SR22 Insurance SC may deny your claim when you’re involved in an at-fault accident.

Below are some things that Non-Owners SR22 Insurance SC will not cover for you:

  1. When you’re driving a commercial vehicle
  2. The vehicle that you drive frequently
  3. A vehicle that is not borrowed but hired
  4. Your company’s (workplace) car
  5. When you’re involved in an accident because of your recklessness and you’re the at-fault driver

Why you should file the Non-Owners SR22 Insurance SC form

After violating driving rules, you need to file an SR22 form with the state Department of Motor Vehicles because your license will be revoked by default.

Some violations that demand filing SR22 insurance are:

  1. DUI
  2. Neglecting traffic lights
  3. Over speeding
  4. Driving without insurance
  5. When you’re driving with a revoked license

The cost of Non-Owners SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

The cost of purchasing SR22 insurance in South Carolina is not static as several factors determine the cost of SR22 insurance in South Carolina.

You will surely pay high much money if you have lots of violations in your driving record.

Moreover, you should be aware that SR22 insurance cost is always high when compared to the normal auto insurance policy.

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Below is the price range of some insurance companies in South Carolina:

  1. Geico – $2,100+
  2. State Farm – $1,900+
  3. Progressive – $2,900+

Where can I purchase the SR22 insurance form?

To purchase an SR22 insurance form, you need to shop around to find auto insurance companies that issue an SR22 insurance form.

Moreover, not all auto insurance companies issue SR22 insurance as it’s quite a huge risk to certain insurance companies.

Below are some certified insurance company that issues SR22 insurance form:

  1. Geico
  2. Progressive
  3. USAA
  4. State Farm
  5. Farmers, etc.

How to Get SR22 Insurance without a Car

To get SR22 insurance without a car, you need to, first of all, meet your state’s minimum liability coverage.

If you don’t have a car, you can request non-owners SR22 insurance if you know that you can borrow from your friends.

Can I Get Non Owner SR22 Insurance without a License

In most places, insurance companies don’t provide insurance coverage to drivers without a license.

By default when you purchase a car, you will equally purchase a license for your car also.

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