Non-Owner Sr22 Insurance Ohio: All You Should Know [Detailed]3 min read

Non-Owner Sr22 Insurance Ohio: All You Should Know [Detailed]3 min read

Non-Owner Sr22 Insurance Ohio – In Ohio, whether you own a car or not, as long as you’re a high-risk driver, you must possess Non-Owner Sr22 Insurance.

This Non-Owner Sr22 Insurance will certify that as a driver you have the state minimum liability insurance which allows you to drive safely in Ohio.

If you’re a high-risk driver although you don’t have a car your license has been revoked, you equally need Non-Owner Sr22 Insurance Ohio.

This non-owner Sr22 Insurance will inform Ohio’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) that you have coverage as a high-risk driver.

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What Is an SR22? – Non-Owner Sr22 Insurance Ohio

SR22 is a form in the form of a document that certifies that a high-risk driver has a minimum liability coverage required by state law.

In Ohio, the state law requires that drivers should have a policy with a liability limit that is $25,000 or above for just bodily injuries.

The same $25,000 is required by drivers for property damage protection.

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Do I need Non-Owner Sr22 Insurance Ohio?

In some instances you may not have any vehicle with you, probably because of your high-risk driving, you have damaged all the vehicles you’ve ever gotten.

In a scenario like this, you still need to obtain Non-Owner Sr22 Insurance Ohio because you may one day borrow someone’s vehicle.

If you’re a high-risk driver and you were spotted driving without SR22 insurance, you might be arrested because your license has been revoked.

All high-risk drivers with a car are mandated to obtain Non-Owner Sr22 Insurance Ohio.

What are the violations that will require filing SR22 insurance?

Below are the offenses that when found in your driving record, you’ll be mandated to file SR22 insurance:

  1. Reckless drivers
  2. Drivers spotted driving without insurance
  3. Driving Under the Influence
  4. Drivers who drive with a revoked license

When should high-risk drivers obtain Non-Owner Sr22 Insurance Ohio?

The Non-Owner Sr22 Insurance which is designed for drivers without a vehicle is applicable when you borrow a friend’s vehicle; probably once in a while.

Moreover, the Non-Owner Sr22 Insurance will not protect you when you’re driving for commercial purposes.

For instance – driving as an Uber driver.

How to Get Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance in Ohio

For you to get the Non-Owner Sr22 Insurance Ohio, your first step is to locate an insurance company that issues Non-Owner Sr22 Insurance.

Then your estimated price will be calculated using your driving violations.

After a successful payment, your insurance company will take your SR22 form to BMV on your behalf.

This will certify that you have the state’s minimum liability coverage and your license will be reinstated.

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How long do you need Non-Owner Sr22 Insurance Ohio?

Upon the violations in your driving record, you need to carry SR22 insurance for about 3 to 5 years.

What is the cost of Non-Owner Sr22 Insurance Ohio?

Filing the SR22 insurance form alone will cost you about $25 to $25.

How much is an SR-22 insurance a month in Ohio?

The average cost of SR22 in Ohio ranges from $60 to $120 per month.

Although the price depends on the insurance company that is issuing you the form.

Also, your state DMV may charge you a one-time fee of about $25 to $50.

Does Ohio require SR-22?

Yes! As a high-risk driver in Ohio, you’re required to get SR22 insurance which will cover your driving violations within the purchased duration.


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