Mexican Car Insurance Rocky Point: All You Need to Know [Detailed]4 min read

Mexican Car Insurance Rocky Point: All You Need to Know [Detailed]4 min read

Today rocky point has become a popular tourist location for U.S citizens but is it a must to have Mexican Car Insurance Rocky Point?

As some states in the United States mandate that every car owner should purchase at least a minimum liability that will get his vehicle covered, obtaining a Mexican Car Insurance Rocky Point should be included in your plans if you love going to Mexican Rocky Point.

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In this guide, we’ll give you detailed info on what you should know about Mexican Car Insurance Rocky Point.

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Do I need Mexico car insurance in Rocky Point?

If you’re among the thousands of drivers who love visiting Mexican Rocky point, you should purchase Mexican Car Insurance Rocky Point.

Monthly several drivers used to drive to the seaside of the Mexican Rocky Point for tourism.

And guess what! The Mexican Rocky Point border is not far from the U.S; often time majority of U.S drivers usually pay a visit to this tourist zone.

Moreover, if you’re among the drivers that love touring Mexican Rocky Point, we recommend purchasing Mexican Car Insurance Rocky Point.

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Reasons why you should get Mexican Car Insurance Rocky Point 🚙

Although drivers from other countries can freely drive into Mexican Rocky Point even without having a vehicle permit, car insurance is compulsory for the very driver that is driving to Mexican Rocky point.

The Mexican government demanded that every driver regardless your country that is coming to the Mexican Rocky Point must have a Mexican Car Insurance Rocky Point.

Getting this Mexican Car Insurance Rocky Point is not just for foreign drivers alone but alone for the core citizens in Mexico.

To obtain the Mexican Car Insurance Rocky Point, what you need is a minimum third party liability insurance which will be issued to you by any Mexico-based insurance company (although this is a minimum requirement).

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Meanwhile, if you’re a U.S citizen and you have U.S insurance for your vehicle, it won’t cover your vehicle while in the Mexican Rocky Point, regardless of how close your location is to the Mexican Rocky Point.

Will I be safe driving to Mexican Rocky Point if I don’t have insurance?

If you don’t have any car insurance while driving from the U.S or other neighboring countries down to the Mexican Rocky Point, you may be safe to drive along.

But if you get involved in an accident, and you are the at-fault driver, the Mexican government will hold you responsible until you pay the cost of every damage that resulted because of the accident incident.

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Where can I purchase Mexican Car Insurance Rocky Point?

There are several car insurance companies along Mexican Rocky Point road where you can get Mexican Rocky Point insurance for yourself.

Although this roadside Mexican Rocky Point insurance is not usually authentic as the insurance company may not cover you if you get involved in an accident.

This is because your insured vehicle documents may not be available in the roadside Mexican car insurance database system at the moment you had an accident.

Meanwhile, you can purchase Mexican Rocky Point car insurance from a lot of U.S car insurance companies.

You can take out your time to shop around to find the ones that suit your needs.

Do I need insurance to go to Rocky Point?

We recommend that you purchase Mexican car insurance Rocky Point if normally go to the Mexican Rocky Point; be it once in a while or regularly.

Moreover, you need to have Mexican car insurance whether you’re from Mexico or other countries as long as you usually visit the Mexican Rocky point.

How much is Mexican car insurance?

The average of getting Mexican auto insurance with full coverage should cost you about $20 per day.

Although this depends on your deductible, location, car model, driving record, etc.

Does Costco sell Mexican car insurance?

Unfortunately, Costco does not sell a Mexican car insurance policy that you need while driving in Mexico to get covered against any uncertainty that may hit you.

Does Mexico require auto insurance?

Yes! The Mexican Federal Liability Law demands that every vehicle should have an insurance policy as long as you’re within the nation.

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If you’re traveling from the U.S to Mexico with your auto insurance policy, once you cross the Mexican border, your U.S car insurance will automatically be limited.

If you mistakenly get involved in an accident, the Mexican government will arrest you until you contact your insurance company or pay the cost of the damages caused by the accident.


This guide explained all you should know about Mexican car insurance Rocky Point.

We also answer some FAQs to which you might have been searching for the answer.

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