DUI Insurance: All You Need To Know About DUI Insurance [Detailed]4 min read

DUI Insurance: All You Need To Know About DUI Insurance [Detailed]4 min read

DUI insurance – Whenever a driver gets a DUI, it will be difficult for him to get auto insurance because insurance companies will regard him as a high-risk driver.

If you’re a high-risk driver who has a DUI in his driving record, you need DUI insurance to get you covered so that you can continue to drive about freely.

Moreover, there is no special insurance policy called DUI insurance. The DUI insurance serves as coverage for drivers who were caught driving under the influence.

Today several auto insurance companies in the U.S issues DUI insurance to provide coverage for drivers who were caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol as the case may be.

To get cheap DUI insurance, we recommend that you shop around from different insurance companies to get the best rate for yourself.

2019 U.S.A analytics gotten from NHTSA recorded that the recklessness of some drivers which results because they were driving under the influence leads to about 28 deaths every day and it is been caused by accident crashes.

These crashes frequently occur almost every 52 minutes and it resulted that about 10,142 people losing their lives because some drivers were driving under the influence (intoxicated with alcohol).

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What Is The Meaning Of DUI?

DUI is an abbreviation that stands for Driving Under the Influence. It means driving legally while the driver is operating under the control of alcohol or other related drugs.

When you collect some drugs from your doctor and because of the drug you had an accident while driving, the law court will not take your excuse as they will categorize you as driers who are driving under the influence.

In the United States, it is an offense to drive while you’re operating under the influence and once you are caught, you’ll be penalized.

Will A DUI Stay On My Driving Record Forever? – DUI Insurance

Depending on the rules you violated while driving under the influence and also your state, a DUI can stay for years in your driving record.

When you are caught driving under the influence, and your BAC is high, a DUI won’t just last for several years in your driving record but it will prevent you from certain jobs and opportunities; as you’ll be regarded as a high-risk driver.

Moreover, a DUI can last up to 3 to 5 years in your driving record and in some cases (depending on your state) it can last up to 10 good years.

Can DUI Affect My Insurance Rates? – DUI Insurance

When you’re regarded as a high-risk driver and you’re mandated to obtain DUI insurance, in one way or the other it will surely affect your auto insurance rates.

The below are some impacts a DUI will cause to your driving license:

  1. You will be denied some important jobs
  2. Your auto insurance rates will surely increase
  3. It may even lead to your auto insurance company canceling the insurance policy they gave you
  4. Your driving license will have an over 80% chance of being suspended
  5. The state or court may demand that you get SR-22 insurance
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Can I Get My Driving License Back After A DUI Conviction?

After a DUI conviction, you may likely get your driving license back depending on your state and the driving rules that you violated.

Searching for legal help when you have a DUI conviction will as well increase your opportunity or the possibility of your regaining your driving license faster.

The below are what you should do to get rid of a DUI conviction:

1.      Get SR-22 insurance

The SR-22 insurance is coverage for the driver with a DUI. When you purchase SR-22 (which is about $15 to $25), it will notify your state that you have minimum liability insurance.

2.      Take a DUI course

Completing a DUI course will cause your state to consider removing DUI from your driving record. Although some states will not allow the affected driver to take a DUI course.

Will my car insurance rates ever go down after a DUI?

Yes! If you can be able to maintain a clean driving record by meeting your state’s minimum liability insurance as well as paying your premiums early before its expiration, your car insurance rates will surely go down.


Drivers with DUI insurance are being restricted in some functionalities and while you have a DUI conviction, your auto insurance rates will surely increase.

A DUI can suspend your driving license but obtaining SR-22 insurance will serve as coverage to your DUI and you can still be able to drive legally; although under some conditions.

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