Does Insurance Cover Stolen Car If Keys Left [Detailed]6 min read

Does Insurance Cover Stolen Car If Keys Left [Detailed]6 min read

Nobody wishes to have his car stolen but Does Insurance Cover Stolen Car If Keys Left?

You know when your car key is left in your car and it gets stolen, it looks suspicious – if you intentionally did it, or was it because of your carelessness.

TheYoungBossyour sure insurance plug has gotten hundreds of reports where people ask “Does Insurance Cover Stolen Car If Keys Left” and we have detailed all you should know, how to go about it if you left your key in your car and it gets stolen, if your insurance company will pay for your car, etc.

In this guide, we’ll give you detailed info concerning the topic “Does Insurance Cover Stolen Car If Keys Left”.

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Does Insurance Cover Stolen Car If Keys Left?

Yes! Your insurance company will get you covered even when your car was stolen because you mistakenly left your car key inside your car.

Although this coverage depends on certain factors which we’ll elucidate in subsequent sections.

 When your car gets stolen because of your carelessness (when you left your car key inside your car), it’s quite frustrating, and filing a claim to your auto insurance company may sound somehow to you.

But here is the good news! We explained how you can approach your auto insurance company and they will get you covered; to the point of buying a new car for you.

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If you have comprehensive insurance, it will surely get your car covered even if the car gets stolen because you left your key inside your car. Does Insurance Cover Stolen Car If Keys Left

Unfortunately, if you intentionally left your car keys inside your car and your insurance company notices, they will deny your claim for the coverage.

How to Know If Your Insurance Will Cover a Stolen Car

Getting coverage even when your car was stolen and your key was left inside the car depends on the type of car insurance that you purchased.

Below are the three (3) core car insurance policies that will give you full coverage regardless of what happened to your car:

  1. Collision
  2. Liability
  3. Comprehensive

#1. Collision

This is the type of insurance that pays for physical damage that affects your car which may result from you getting involved in an accident – regardless of who is at fault, hitting your car in an object, etc.

All these collision damages will be covered if you purchase collision insurance.

#2. Liability

This type of insurance covers all the damages that may happen to the car whether you’re the at-fault driver. Also, it covers all the bodily injuries that you may sustain when an accident happens.

#3. Comprehensive

The comprehensive insurance may sound like advanced coverage which gets you covered even if your car gets damaged through a fire outbreak or was stolen by thieves.

It must not be that you must get involved in an accident before a comprehensive insurance policy will get you covered.

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Will my auto insurance company pay me fully if my car got stolen?

Many car insurance companies claimed to pay only the actual cash value of the totaled or stolen car.

This means that when your car got stolen (whether you left the key inside your car or not), you’re likely not going to get the total amount you bought your car during the time of purchase.

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Moreover, if you have any loan for your car, you can utilize the opportunity of purchasing additional gap insurance which will help you to pay your car’s actual cash value (ACV) and the worth when it gets totaled or stolen.

Furthermore, the majority of comprehensive insurance policy allows users to place a deductible at the point of purchase; this simply means the amount of money that the agent purchasing car insurance is willing to pay from his account (pocket) when purchasing the comprehensive insurance.

If you’re financially stable, TheYoungBoss recommends paying a high deductible as it is a way of reducing your car insurance premiums. Does Insurance Cover Stolen Car If Keys Left

The types of insurance that cover your car if it is stolen

Any type of insurance that will get your car covered when it gets stolen is categorized under comprehensive insurance.

For your car to get covered when it’s totaled or stolen, you must have an existing comprehensive car insurance policy.

Meanwhile for comprehensive insurance to get you covered, your car must not get involved in an accident, no matter who is at fault.

Below are some incidents that your comprehensive car insurance will cover for you:

  1. Fire outbreak
  2. Falling objects
  3. Flood
  4. Natural disaster
  5. Theft, etc.

Does Insurance Cover Stolen Car If Keys Left while running?

As long as you have comprehensive insurance, your stolen car will be covered regardless of how the incident happened.

Since a driver with his right senses cannot just leave his car key in his car and started running, the majority of comprehensive car insurance companies understand that it was never the driver’s fault and they will get you covered. Does Insurance Cover Stolen Car If Keys Left

Will the insurance company deny a claim for a stolen car?

If your insurance company noticed that you’re in charge of your stolen car; probably because of the huge money your insurance company is going to pay you back, they may willingly deny your claim.

For instance – if you leave your car key in your car in an area where it can be stolen and get involved in careless running, your insurance company may deny your claim if your car gets stolen.

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What happens if you leave your keys in your car and it gets stolen?

In a situation like this, if you have comprehensive insurance which will get you covered regardless of the situation, you don’t have to bother about any payment on replacing your stolen car.

Does insurance pay if keys are left in the car?

As of a few years ago, some individuals started playing smart and they intentionally planned the stealing of their car. When their car gets stolen, they will hold their insurance company to pay the bills.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies now exclude getting you covered when your car key is inside your car and it gets stolen. Does Insurance Cover Stolen Car If Keys Left

How does insurance handle a stolen car?

If your car gets stolen and you have comprehensive insurance, you’re quite covered as your insurance company will get the car replaced for you. Does Insurance Cover Stolen Car If Keys Left

Why do people leave keys in their cars?

When you leave your car key inside your car, what you just did is that you’re signaling thieves that you have an asset that is no longer important to you. Does Insurance Cover Stolen Car If Keys Left

Even if you locked your windows and doors and yet your car key is inside your car, thieves can still break in and steal your car.

How long does it take for insurance to pay out on a stolen car?

In the United States, a lot of auto insurance companies usually wait for about 30 days before paying for a stolen car. Does Insurance Cover Stolen Car If Keys Left


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