Top 5 Best RV Insurance Companies [Updated]7 min read

Top 5 Best RV Insurance Companies [Updated]7 min read

Have you ever wondered the importance of RV insurance in your life? If yes, it’s high time you purchase a full-time or even temporary RV insurance policy.

Life is full of uncertainty and even if you are not overwhelmed with fear, even more evil may likely happen to you; because while you are extreme careful in what you’re doing, another person can be reckless even to his own life.

Moreover, RV insurance is related to auto insurance as well as homeowners insurance. Without futher ado, let’s examine what camp trailer is all about

What is RV insurance?

RV insurance is an insurance policy that provides financial protection especially in the aspect of accident events (uncertainty), injuries, crashes and other related scenarios.

The camp trailer also takes care of one’s hospital bills, repairs and crashes that occurred due to accident event.

Since we have given you a little insight on what camp trailer is all about, let’s discuss the top companies that can issue you this insurance on RV.

Top 5 Best RV Insurance Companies

  1. Nationwide
  2. Geico
  3. Auto-Owners Insurance
  4. Good Sam insurance
  5. National General

#1. Nationwide – RV Insurance Companies

Nationwide RV insurance company are known for multiple discounts they offer to their users. They offer both multi-vehicle discounts and multi-policy discount for all their partners.

Insurance on a general note is a way to save money for the future – its’ just like an investment. For instance the camp trailer will save serious cash for you when you enroll for RV driving course.

Also getting Recreational Vehicle insurance makes you to be a part of RV organization, which will surely give you access to a lot of companies, including the company that issued the Recreational Vehicle insurance to you; you can go ahead to even become a partner in their company.

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Unfortunately, when you visit the Nationwide website, not all the discount they offer to their users are listed on that platform.

One of the features of Nationwide RV insurance is that you can customize your policy to suit whatever be the reason why you need the Recreational Vehicle insurance policy. You can select additional options like – towing and labor, safety glass replacement, roadside assistance, etc.

Pros of Nationwide RV insurance company

  • They offer multiple discount for their customers
  • You can customize your insurance policy to your taste
  • You have assorted options like, roadside assistance, towing and labor, etc.


  • Nationwide insurance quotes are not available online.

#2. Geico – RV Insurance

Geico is one of the best RV insurance policies that offers affordable rates for their customers. Geico RV insurance covers both full-time RVers as well as recreational RVers.

As other camp trailer companies, Geico offers assorted discount and some of them are: five-year good driving, multi-car, membership discount, employee discount, etc.

Expert drivers that are more than 50 years old seems to get a Prime Time contract which Geico offers to them, although they still need to renew it within intervals.

The Geico Prime Time contract has some terms and conditions that every interested driver must meet. Some of these are: you should not have any traffic violation, you must be at least 50 years old, you must not have any accident record in the past three years, etc.

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Unfortunately, Geico Prime Time contract is only available for individuals in states like – Colorado, Louisiana, Alabama, and other surrounding states.

One of the amazing features of Geico RV insurance company is that they have a user-friendly website which anyone can access without difficulty. Also from their website you can be able to pay bill through the payment methods provided, check your insurance policy etc.

Furthermore, you can view your camp trailer from Geico website as well as in their mobile app.

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  • They offer Prime Time contract for users above 50 years
  • You can access their RV insurance quotes online
  • They issue accident forgiveness on your first accident crash


  • Prime Time contract is available in only few states in the United States of America
  • The prime Time contract is limited to people that are 50 years and above.

#3. Auto-Owners Insurance

The Auto-Owners Insurance is rated as one of the best personalized customer service for RV insurances. They have amazing and standard customer service record more than their competitors in the insurance field.

This unique insurance company allows their customers to works as well as have access to most of their independent agents, without having the need to directly contact the core staffs in the company.

Moreover, the Auto-owners insurance offers assorted insurance discounts in various aspects which include but not limited to: mature drivers discount for drivers over 50 years, special discount for drivers that pays their premium early in the past 3 years, life insurance, multi-policy holders, etc.


  • They have amazing mobile app for iPhone and Android devices
  • Offers amazing customer service help
  • They have low policy cost


  • As an individual, you need to contact an agent for quotes

#4. Good Sam – RV insurance

Good Sam Insurance is known as one of the best insurance companies that issues insurance policies for full-time RVers. Good Sam Full-time coverage comes with a lot of features which include the replacement of one’s personal belongings at its full recent cost in the market.

Moreover, Good Sam’s standard insurance policy coverage includes – liability, personal injury protection, collision, etc.

One of the unique features of the Good Sam R camp trailer is that as an individual, you can further customize your insurance policy by adding personal liability, medical payments, etc. to your Good Sam RV insurance policy.

Also, Good Sam RV insurance can be managed online – this makes it possible for customers to pay bills online, print documentation, update their profile directly from their website, etc.


  • Their website helps customers to access a lot of futures directly from their home
  • Offers insurance policies for full-time RVers
  • They also provide insurance policy to travel to Mexico
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  • Users complained that they need to update some features in their website.

#5. National General

National General is another superb RV insurance company known for high policy customization features that is available for their customers.

In National General, their policy customization includes general liability customizations, personal belonging customizations, etc. also they normally replace damage goods for their customers in their complete original cost.

Some of their unique features are: their customer protection for the items that are attached to their RV; some of these items can be TV’s, TV antennas, etc.

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Also Nationa General RV insurance policy covers an hour of mechanical work if it happens that your RV breaks down, also it covers emergency fuel delivery.


  • Their insurance policy covers almost every type of RV
  • Offers emergency delivery service


  • Their benefits varies from state to state.

Types of RV Insurance

Depending on one’s perspective about RV, some considered it to be a primary residence while on the other hand a lot of people categorized it as a vehicle. Selecting any of the statements above, RV can serve as a vehicle and it can also serve as primary residence for certain people.

Although there are two major types of camp trailer, we will discuss some of their sub major types here and these types covers only part-timer.

Collision coverage

Here, this type of RV insurance policy helps individuals to protect their RV investments majorly when there is a wreck which instituted because of their fault.

Roadside Assistance

This category of RV insurance type covers uncertainties that may happen along the roadside. They include flat tire, towing, fuel emergency assistance, battery discharge, etc.

Body injury coverage

This type covers the bills that will be paid when an insured individual sustained injury from a crash; the crash can result as a result of flat tire, recklessness, or other related activities.

Other major types of RV insurance is covered in other articles where we discussed on types of RV insurance if full.



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