How to Receive Walmart 2 Walmart Funds in Nigeria4 min read

How to Receive Walmart 2 Walmart Funds in Nigeria4 min read

Receive Walmart Funds Nigeria – Have you been looking for a way to receive money in Nigeria? Wait! We are going to give you everything you need to know on how to Receive Walmart 2 Walmart Funds in Nigeria.

Walmart is one of the best recommended options for Nigerians who will like to receive funds from abroad.

Walmart is meant for the people in the United States of America, but as Nigerians, we have culled a method that one residing in Nigeria can use to receive fund from probably a friend, relatives or company in the USA.

In this post, we’ll give detailed info on how to go about receiving your fund as a Nigerian person through Walmart 2 Walmart payment method.

What is Walmart2Walmart – Receive Walmart Funds Nigeria

Walmart-2-Walmart is a company powered by Ria that was launched in year year 2014. This service is used to transfer money from within the United States of America and other countries as well.

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This service enables its customers to transfer funds to and fro at a very low cost. As of today, Ria has several customers in about 160+ countries in all over the world.

With this amazing and low cost service that is powered by Ria, one can send money to any Walmart Store in the US or outside the US, this includes Puerto Rico region.

How to Receive Fund in Nigeria Using Walmart2Walmart

As a Nigerian, you can receive funds through Walmart2walmart, PayPal, Payoneer, etc. but it will attract some charges of which Walmart have reduced its charges in order to render their services to people that are living outside the US as well.

Since this service is based in the US, you need to have someone in the US that can be able to use this service to send money to you here in Nigeria.

Below are the detailed guideline that one can follow in order to receive fund from Walmart2walmart in Nigeria.

  • The sender that is living in the US will need to locate the nearest Walmart store that is close to him
  • The person living in the US will collect your Nigerian address so that he will know the address that Walmart will send the money to.
  • Store location assistance will assist the sender living in the US to be able to nearest Walmart store that is closest to him
  • The person that is sending the money to you can either use credit or debit card to send the money to you or rather he can also send fund in USD
  • The sender should send you the reference number of the transaction in order for you to be able to track the transaction.
  • Walmart promises to send the money to the desired destination under 15 minutes, when the transfer has been confirmed.
  • You can now go to the address you initially send to the sender to receive your Walmart funds.
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How does Walmart to Walmart work? – Receive Walmart Funds Nigeria

For anyone to make Walmart to Walmart transfer, you need to go to the nearest Walmart store that is closest to you, you can request assist from the customer care, and fill the transfer fund form that will be given to you.

The form will contain some info like: transfer amount, recipient’s name, the country and state the funds should be send to.

The sender can use both cash and debit cards are equally accepted for making payments or transferring funds.

Is Walmart2Walmart the same as MoneyGram?

Walmart is one of the recognized international method of transferring funds from one place to another.

Walmart is different from MoneyGram but they are in partnership with each other since both of them operates the same service to its customers.

Walmart2Walmart is really separate because they are powered by a popular money transfer service by name Ria. Walmart2Walmart transfers money within some minutes to its targeted destination. Receive Walmart Funds Nigeria

Can I do a Walmart to Walmart money transfer online?

You can use the Walmart app to transfer funds, or you can as well go to Walmart MoneyGram online website, or even from a Walmart Store that is nearest to you.

This provides a means of transferring funds to different countries at you comfort zone.

How do I receive money from Walmart to Walmart?

One can make use of Google map to locate the nearest Walmart store that is close to him and use the stores address as his location when sending destination address to the person that is sending the fund to him.

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On receiving the money, you will need to pay some fees which will be attracted to the transaction that you just received. Funds usually arrives under 15 minutes.

Can I send money to Walmart from my phone?

With the help of smart phones, one can be able to send money to Walmart through his bank accounts, credit/debit card or online wallets. Receive Walmart Funds Nigeria



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