Get Nigerian Credit Card: Learn how to get Credit Card in Nigeria4 min read

Get Nigerian Credit Card: Learn how to get Credit Card in Nigeria4 min read

Nigerian Credit Card – Have you ever wondered how you can get a credit card in Nigeria? Do you know that as a Nigeria citizen, it’s quite easy for you to get a Credit Card without much queries?

Today you can get a credit card in Nigeria directly from your bank or virtually (that is online credit card).

In as much as there are two ways on how you can get a credit card in Nigeria, people prefer the physical credit card rather than the virtual credit card.

Reason is because the physical credit card can be easily used to withdraw money from the ATM machines as well as POS centers.

Again virtual card are more difficult to get compared to the normal physical card that everyone is rushing after.

Like the normal ATM cards, this credit card allows one to borrow money which you can use to settle your financial expenses.

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Without much ado, we will dive in to the steps that you will follow to get Nigerian credit card. Let’s get started…

Steps involved in getting a credit card in Nigeria

First of all you should know that there are some processes you have to undergo before the credit card will be issued to you in Nigeria.

Below are some of the financial institutions in Nigeria that can offer you a credit card and the type of credit card you will expect from each bank.

  1. First Bank of Nigeria – This government bank will issue you: Visa Gold, Visa Infinity and Naira Credit Card
  2. Guarantee Trust Bank – They only give Visa Credit Card
  3. Standard Chartered Bank – This institution will give you only Visa Gold and Visa Platinum Credit Card

Reasons why your credit card request may be rejected

In this section, I will show you some reasons why your request to get a Nigerian credit card may be rejected by the financial institutions.

Below are some of the reasons that may cause your request being rejected?

  1. When your income statement is low
  2. If your occupation is not legit
  3. It can be that you made some mistake while filling the form
  4. Invalid address
  5. When you’re below the minimum age

How to get a credit card in Nigeria

First Bank of Nigeria – How to get a credit card in Nigeria

The First Bank of Nigeria credit card usually comes in three different functions, designs, capability. They include: visa infinite credit card, visa gold credit card and naira credit card.

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First Bank don’t release this card to anyhow customers; they only release it to their top valued customers.

Moreover, there are some level of charges that are attached this credit cards.

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When it comes to their limits, the Visa Infinite credit card as the name sounds, has an infinite credir card limit, the Visa gold credit card has a maximum limit of 15,000 dollars.

On the other hand, the Naira credit card has the maximum limit of 3 million naira. To get the First Bank of Nigeria credit card, you need to visit any of their branches and follow the guides from their customer care service.

Guarantee Trust Bank

The Guarantee Trust Bank issues only one type of international dollar payment card. In as much as this bank only gives one type of card, their credit card can be used for several purposes here in Nigeria.

This Visa credit card that GT Bank issue to their customers is linked with the Visa card that users usually request in any of the GTBnaks.

One of major merits of the GTBank visa credit card is that upon request and approval, it will immediately reflect to your account.

To get the GTBank credit card, you need to possess a USD Domiciliary account, but if it happens that you don’t have any, you will be mandated to create one for yourself.

This GTBank credit card usually last for 3 years at maximum.

As other banks, to get this GTBank credit card, you need to visit any of their branches and request for one.

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What you can do with the Nigeria credit card

The Nigeria credit card can be used to bills on the go such as store bills, fast food bills, most especially when you don’t have money in your normal debit card.


We believe that you have learnt how to get Nigeria credit card from different banks. So all you need to do is to visit you bank, request for the credit card and follow the processes that they will give you.

Then wait for approval; once approved, you can revisit the bank again and collect your credit card. Nigerian Credit Card



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